Young adivasis reclaim their adivasi identity, culture and knowledge towards self-determined visions of development.


Adivasi Youth Leadership: 

Adivasi peoples organizations have identified the need to involve young people to strengthen and sustain their self-determined visions of development.   Yakshi has initiated a leadership program for Adivasi Youth.

Through this program the youth reconnect to their knowledge systems, culture, resources and worldviews, build critical perspectives on the forces that challenge adivasi societies, and are actively involved in visioning their self-determined development for the future. They engage with a diverse basket of skills such as growing food, using legislations, participatory video, theatre and critical questioning. Theoretical discussions, skill-share sessions, community interactions and placements with adivasi people’s organizations of different districts – form the core of the internship program.  


The 2013 -2014 batch consists of 32 youth, 16 women and 16 men.

Youth Internship for Food Sovereignty 

This program was initiated in 2014-2015 and youth from dalit, shepherd , peasant and urban youth are participating in this internship. The internship introduces youth to issues concerning Food Sovereignty and Climate Change.