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Our Work:

Cultural transformation is essential for social transformation.
Creative action is not merely a product or performance,
but rather a dialogue, an emancipatory process
and the decolonization of cultural ethos.

Key Initiatives

To facilitate community artists engage with questions of social and ecological justice through their art form.
Provide spaces for visual artists, writers, musicians, theatre artists to exchange and learn from each other towards creative and collective cultural actions.
Facilitate theatre, art, music, film, literary and other cultural sangamams for emancipatory transformation.



We conduct Forum Theatre workshops with children, youth and women of dalit, adivasi and marginal farming communities from rural and urban areas. We facilitate community theatre productions based on Theatre of the Oppressed. We also engage with local performing art forms such as Oggu Katha, Chindu Bhagavatam and Buduga Jangalu, through the lens of retelling stories of justice.

Visual Art

Our ongoing actions with community artists are  with the Nakashi  and Savara visual artists. We conduct workshops on art for transformation, mural and poster workshops , participatory photography and film workshops with children, youth and women.


We facilitate ‘Songs of Freedom’ workshops with youth which encompasses  collecting. learning and singing different songs of freedom, learning instruments, beatbox and other collective musical expressions. We organise song writing workshops and create music for transformation. We initiate action research on local musical instruments, songs and their narratives.

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