Our Vision

The core of Yakshi’s Vision is Social Justice and Buen Vivir. Social Justice embodies the principles of equality, sovereignty, liberty and persists to annihilate caste, patriarchy and  class inequalities. Buen Vivir is an indigenous proposal of a way of life, based on holistic co-existence and recovery of lost harmony between humans and mother earth.

We support visions of marginalised communities to protect their land, resources, cultures, worldviews; towards democratic governance, food sovereignty and self-determined development. We work with communities primarily across Telangana and Andhra Pradesh.

Yakshi’s vision is realized by youth, children, women and artists through the strategies of Popular Education, Critical Dialogue, Cultural Action, Information Dissemination and Community Action Research. Popular Education or ‘education for critical consciousness’ is a decolonizing and emancipatory approach which begins with people recognising their crisis, deepening their awareness through analysis of their condition and identifying the forces of oppression.  Drawing upon their collective memories and resilient knowledge systems, people use the power of their collective leadership to imagine and act for transformation and change.