Our vision and mission supports adivasi visions of buen vivir ( manchi jeevitam- a good life).Buen Vivir is an indigenous proposal of a way of life, based on holistic co-existence and recovery of lost harmony between humans and mother nature.

Yakshi works with adivasi communities in India, towards reclaiming democracy and for indigenous self-determined visions of development.

We support and strengthen the efforts of adivasi communities to protect their lands, resources, cultures and worldviews, through democratic governance structures of self-rule, using customary laws, and other safeguards in Indian and International law.

Yakshi facilitates spaces for adivasi, dalit, pastoralist and peasant communities to connect and interact around common concerns related to resources and food sovereignty. 

We work especially with young people and children of these communities.

We are a team of indigenous educators, theatre activists, artists, researchers, community organizers and leaders, primarily from adivasi communities.