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Our Work:

Youth from diverse adivasi, dalit, and marginal farming communities are critical in visioning and determining a just future and sovereign ways of living.

Key Initiatives

Yakshi organises popular education initiatives, for diverse youth, towards advancing Social Justice and Buen Vivir.

Assert decolonized cultures and build critical perspectives on the forces that challenge their societies.
Reconnect to their knowledge systems through inter-generational learning.
Actively involve in visioning their self-determined development for the future.
Engage with a diverse basket of skills such as growing food, using legislations, participatory video, art, poetry, media, theatre and music.
Strengthen leadership to organise their communities.


Popular EducationTo build and strengthen Adivasi and Bahujan Youth as Community Organisers.
VithanamTranslates to ‘seed’, is an initiative that brings together youth who begin an inquiry into their realities and explore questions around Social Justice, Democracy and Buen Vivir.
MolakaMolaka or ‘sprout’ is an ongoing program for young leaders to strengthen their strategies and actions of organsing their communites towards Social Justice and Buen Vivir.
Solidarity Economy InitiativesYoung people who resist the pressures of becoming part of the exploited workforce are envisioning collective, local and ecological economic enterprises, to provide for themselves and their communities.

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