Group Constitutional Fellows


The group fellows from 17 villages in Telangana’s Sangareddy and Medak districts are all members of the Dalit-Bahujan and religious minority communities. They were selected by the youth collective of these districts along with Yakshi’s staff. Over the past year, they have been undergoing intensive popular education in the framework of the constitution to become community organisers in their villages to conscience their communities. We believe that increased awareness leads to collective actions on the realities of inequalities and injustices that exist in the communities due to the entrenched oppressive structures of caste, patriarchy and class.

This grim reality demands that these young women build supportive networks within and between communities, as well as other allies. Hence, over the next two years, our fellows will be continuously nurtured, supported and sharpened so that the youth can lead their communities towards realising these goals.
Yakshi will support the training costs and provide an honorarium to the fellow during this period.

Given the nature of the workshops, which require regular meetings and collective work, the fellows divided themselves into seven groups for logistic reasons. Apart from the proximity of their villages, the crucial aspect of these groups is that each group comprises members from the SC and BC communities. Given the limited number of Muslim women, we could not ensure their presence in all the groups.

1. Savitri Bai Phule

Kanapuram Anuradha – 26 old years from Avancha
Bhuchi Soundarya – 27 years old from Avancha
Kasnaboina Mamatha – 25 years old from Lingapur
Bommala Santhosha – 30 years old from Lingapur
Kanukunta Devamma – 31 years old from Pedda Gotti Mukkula
K.Gopamma – 28 years old from Pedda Gotti Mukkula

2. Phool Bahar

Chintakindi Mariya – 28 years old from Kazipet
Palle Mounika – 27 years old from Kazipet
Mohammad Anjum – 31 years old from Kazipet
Gummadelli Ramadevi – 28 years old from Nagulapalli
Mangapuram Varalaxmi – 28 years old from Nagulapalli

3. Rama Bai

Kannaram Prashanthi – 32 years old form Sikandlapur
Purra Sumalatha – 26 years old from Sikandlapur
Koyya Ashwini years old from Sikandlapur
Bijja Swathi – 28 years old from Chintalcheruvu
Erranolla Latha – 25 years old from Chintalcheruvu
Tayaba Begum – 20 years old from Chintalcheruvu

4. Palle

Nalla Lavanya – 22 years old from Naguladevulapalli
Nagulapally Sangeetha – 26 years old from Naguladevulapalli
Thunga Haritha – 24 years old from Naguladevulapalli
Kanamgari Maheshwari – 24 years old from Devulapalli
Variguntham Lahari – 23 years old from Devulapalli
Athia Begum – 37 years old from Devulapalli
Nahida Nousheen – 21 years old from Devulapalli

5. Vijetha

Chuttakula Saritha – 25 years old from Lingapur
Kadeela Renuka – 23 years old from Govindarajpalli
Eamjala Mamatha – 35 years old from Nawabpet
Dappu Madhavi – 28 years old from Nawabpet
Sakeena Begum – 28 years old from Nawabpet

6. Jai Bhim

P.Devarani – 21 years old from Konyal
D.Lavanya – 26 years old from Konyal
Vadla Latha – 29 years old from Chikmaddur
Byagari Sangeetha – 25 years old from Chikmaddur
Palancha Sravani – 21 years old from Madaram
Ningannagari Neeraja – 26 years old from Madaram

7. Fighters

U.Akanksha – 22 years old from Badampet
Afreen Begum – 27 years old from Badampet
Ramolla Bharathi – 26 years old from Panyal
Byagari Suvarna – 33 years old from Panyal
Thalari Suvarna – 27 years old from Panyal