Untitled (1000 × 350 px) (1200 × 600 px) (1200 × 400 px)
Visual Art

Nakashi Artists scroll

Painted by D. Vaikunta, D Vanaja and family; on the Agrarian Crisis based on the play Doolam Ekkina Moodu Koyyalu ,2018.

Savara Traditional Art

traditional Iding Sin artists, who paint on the wall. These murals are preserved in form and are representations of history, 2011.

Murals and Banners

Collective banner painted by the Vithanam 2018 youth.

capturing aspects of woman’s freedom, equality, cultural asserion, intercaste love, secularism and harmony with mother earth.  Facilitated by Charanya.R

Collective banner painted by Vithanam 2017 youth,

capturing the adivasi way of life, visions of an equal and free society, LGBTQ rights, strength of collective struggle and food sovereignty. Facilitated by Charanya.R 

People’s Biodiversity painted by Charanya. R, 2012.

painted by Charanya. R, 2012.

Collective freestyle banner painted by Dalit- Bahujan youth

on the theme Our dreams, our vision, 2015.

Mural on ‘ Our Food, our life’ 

done by the children of Madaram and Badampet Government school on their school wall, through a workshop facilitated by Charanya. R

Banners capturing the life in a  Gongadi (the woolen blanket made of the Deccani wool). 

Day– painted by Charanya.R ; Night- painted by Charanya.R and Sagari Ramdas, 2016.