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Popular Education
& Participatory Action Research

Through Popular Education

and Participatory Action Research programs, Yakshi helps Adivasi and Dalits to build agency for the communities to control their destinies. 

“What is Popular Education?”

Video by members of 2018 Popular Education Batch

Popular Education and PAR or ‘education for critical consciousness’ is a decolonizing and emancipatory approach, which begins with people recognising their crisis, deepening their awareness through investigation and analysis of their condition, identifying the forces of oppression, and organising to change their realities through collective transformative actions.

Past Programs

Poster Violence Against Women 2019

Poster Made by the Bahujan Young girls, members of the Vithanam Youth Sangham , Sangareddy district. Poster making art workshop facilitated by Charanya. R 
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Vithanam 2018

Collective banner painted by the Vithanam 2018 youth capturing aspects of woman’s freedom, equality, cultural asserion, intercaste love, secularism and harmony with mother earth.  Facilitated by Charanya.R

Vithanam 2017

Collective banner painted by Vithanam 2017 youth, capturing the adivasi way of life, visions of an equal and free society, LGBTQ rights, strength of collective struggle and food sovereignty. Facilitated by Charanya.R