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Our Community

Yakshi’s community is consisted of women, children, and youth.


We work for the emancipation of women, which is core to the realisation of Social Justice and Buen Vivir

We facilitate empowering platforms for women and girls from diverse communities to share experiences and ideas to dismantle entrenched patriarchal structures.

Celebrate resistance towards building solidarity, collective strategies and actions.

Through their agency and leadership women act collectively to dismantle entrenched patriarchal structure, assert control over land, resources and food and counter violence against women.


Children from adivasi, dalit and marginal farming communities are engaged in a creative and joyful learning process.

Connect to local ecologies and histories. Engaging with local government schools and culture.

Building diverse perspectives and curiosity through sensory and creative activities

Recovering the lost harmony with nature by connecting to food farming and local ecology through hands on experience.

Nurture diverse lifeskills and grow to build a just and free society by connecting to language and literature through the engagement of music, art, crafts, and theatre.


Youth from diverse adivasi, dalit, and marginal farming communities are critical in visioning and determining a just future and sovereign ways of living.

Build their leadership as Community Organisers for collective transformation by developing their critical consciousness on issues of Social Justice and Buen Vivir. 

Engage with a diverse basket of skills such as growing food, using legislations, participatory video, art, poetry, media, theatre and music.

To facilitate rural youth collectives to build local solidarity economies.