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Supports students of marginalized communities
in their higher education.
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Learn About Yakshi’s
Popular Education Strategies
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Yakshi – Working towards the vision of Social Justice,
Buen Vivir, and Food Sovereignty since 1992.
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Yakshi is a

Resource and Creativity Centre for rural communities in the states of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, India.

We Work With


We work for the emancipation of women.

We facilitate empowering platforms for women and girls from diverse communities to share experiences and ideas

Through their agency and leadership, women act collectively to assert control over land, resources and food, and counter violence against women.

We help children engage in creative and joyful learning processes.

They connect to local ecologies and histories,
build their curiosity, recover the lost harmony with nature,
nurture diverse lifeskills and grow to build a just and free society.

Youth are critical in visioning and determining a just future and sovereign ways of living.

We help youth of marginalized communities from Universities, Civil Society build their leadership as Community Organisers for collective transformation by developing their critical consciousness on issues of Social Justice and Buen Vivir. 



Our Strategies

Our Impact (2022)


Districts in Telangana and Adhra Pradesh are organized for Buen Vivir, Food Sovereignty and Social Justice


Adivasi Villages are enhancing their control of agriculture resources.


Council Leaders in Community Collectives participate in our “Leadership and governance capacity building workshops”.


Bahujan collectives assert their food sovereignty 

Recent Work

Highlighted Student Stories


Yakshi offers financial aid to youth of marginalised communities for their higher education.




Contact Yakshi

Phone No : +91 40-27113167
Telefax :  +91 40-27110977

Email id :  yakshi.a@gmail.com